XenServer Tools must be installed for each virtual machine (Windows and Linux) in order to be able to use the xe CLI or XenCenter, and VM performance will be significantly lowered unless the tools are installed. Without the tools installed, you will not be able to do any the following:

  • Cleanly shut down, reboot or suspend a VM.
  • View VM performance data in XenCenter.
  • Migrate a running VM (via XenMotion).
  • Create quiesced snapshots or snapshots with memory (checkpoints), or revert to snapshots.
  • Adjust the number of vCPUs on a running Linux VM (Windows VMs require a reboot for this to take effect).

Installing XenServer Tools on Linux VMs

  1. Select the VM in the Resources pane, right-click, and then click Install XenServer Tools on the shortcut menu. Alternatively, on the VM menu, click Install XenServer Tools.
  2. Click Install XenServer Tools on the message dialog to go to the VM’s console.
  3. As the root user, mount the image into the VM:

mkdir /mnt/xs-tools
mount /dev/xvdd /mnt/xs-tools

In some cases the Xen Tools ISO will be mounted to /dev/cdrom

cd /mnt/xs-tools/Linux
bash install.sh

After installation, you need to restart Virtual Machine.